Cost To Replace Fridge Compressor|

Most all SxS Refrigerators under 26 cu. ft $485-$550 installed

Built-in refrigerator , freezers like Sub-Zero Repair, Ge Monogram
$640- $925.00 Best Appliance Repair In Tucson
1 year labor. Contact Dependable Refrigeration,llc 681 W Placita Vega Vista Tucson, AZ 85737

We see compressor failures on some brands and models of Amana bottom freezer and some sxs. This is due to factory system contamination. We use a better known proven compressor and offer a 2 year warranty upgrade. You only get a year warranty with purchase of a new refrigerator.

Replacing the compressor is the most costly service repair. Be sure that the compressor is bad before replacing it.

The fault mat either be:

1 Electrical

2 Mechanical

Electrical faults are the most common reason for replacing a good compressor! Other electrical problems can mislead a tech into thinking the compressor is at fault. To check the compressor, remove the electrical connections cover, and disconnect the system wiring from the compressor relay, capacitors, overload, and all. Check the motor windings for continuity, shorts, and grounds. (use an ohm meter) If  unit checks out correctly , connect a starting circuit to the motor compressor. Use exactly the correct size of capacitors and overload cutout.

If system starts and operates correctly with these manual start electrical connections, the problem is in the external part of the system (wiring, control board, thermostat, relay, capacitor, overload )

Refrigerator Repair Tucson

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